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Certified Healthcare Trainer (CCHT) Course

Our Certified Healthcare Trainer Course is offered to highly experienced individuals with demonstrated experience in the delivery of training. Please contact us directly to discuss the potential for this course offering.

Course Time: 2 Days
Cost Per Person: $1415

Course Outline

Day 1 - The CICTI Certified Healthcare Manager (CCHM) Course


  • CICTI & Group Intro
  • Purpose, Intent, Objectives
  • Intro to Laser Particle Counts

What Can Go Wrong?

  • Infectious Agents
  • Microbial Modes of Transmission
  • Infections in Healthcare - Clinical and Construction
  • Risk Factors in Construction
    • Renovations
    • New Construction
  • Noise and Vibration
  • Laser Particle Counts (Reprise)
  • Exercise 1 - Dust Generation - No Controls


How Do We Avoid It?

  • Systems of Control: Interior/Exterior
  • Temporary Barriers
  • Exercise 2 - Establish Barriers
  • Anterooms
  • HEPA Filtered Air Scrubbers
  • Exercise 3 - HEPA Deconstruction and Assessment
  • Mobile Containment Units
  • Understanding Pressure Differentials
  • Understanding Building Systems

How Do We Install, Manage, Maintain?

  • Assessing Requisite Measures - The ICRA
  • ICRA Budgeting
  • Exercise 4 - Dust Generation - Barriers and Recirculating HEPAs
  • Setting up Infection Control
  • Cleaning Procedures
  • Testing and Monitoring
  • Post Construction and ICRA Demobilization

How Do We Document & Protect Liability?

  • Regulatory Agencies
  • Vested Parties
  • Documentation Strategies - ICRA Monitoring
  • Exercise 5 - Establish Effective Controls - Generate Dust


Day 2 - Train the Trainer and Advanced Discussions

Trainer Process Discussions

  • License Agreement
  • Materials Needed to Facilitate CCHW Course Delivery
  • CCHW Course Overview
  • Test Administration and Submission to CICTI
  • Certification Delivery by CICTI
  • Invoicing for Students Trained

CCHW Course Materials

  • ICRA Toolbox Talk
  • Course Cover Sheet
  • Print Version Presentation
  • PowerPoint CCHW Presentation - Detailed Review
  • Course Evaluation Form
  • CCHW Test

Advanced Discussion of ICRA Components

  • Concepts
  • Equipment
  • Planning
  • Disruption Minimization
  • Documentation and Liability Considerations
  • Client Management
  • Incident Response

Upcoming Classes

Certification Maintenance

CICTI does not require annual maintenance fees or membership. While we encourage attendance of refresher training, CICTI does not require CCHT’s, CCHM’s, CCHW’s or CCFT’s to re-attend the course in which they were originally Certified. CICTI Programs are ‘focused’ on “Vision Enhancement.” Our aim is to forever change the way Contractors and Owners view the planning and execution of high risk scopes within functional Healthcare Facilities.

CICTI Certifications are valid from the date of issue through the following time frames:
CICTI Certified Healthcare Trainer – CCHT: 2 Years
CICTI Certified Healthcare Manager – CCHM: 2 Years
CICTI Certified Healthcare Worker – CCHW: 2 Years
CICTI Certified Facilities Trainer – CCFT: 2 Years

CICTI provides ongoing education through its web-based resource library and through email-based bulletins. All CICTI Certified Individuals have secure access to these resources and can maintain their Certifications online.

Recertification is attained via webinar, consisting of fee payment, online video, and concluding with a short quiz to ensure knowledge retention.


Renewing your CICTI Certification is easy. Login to the Members area, click “Renew” under your listed Certification(s) and follow the on-screen prompts.

What Our Students are Saying

  • A Must For Hospitals Facilities Management

    Outstanding program. JJ is very knowledgeable and answered many questions I had. Much better than googling web sites! Thanks. A must for hospital facilities management.

    S. Chung
  • Easy To Stay Engaged

    Enjoyed it. Very useful to people who are new to healthcare construction. Keep up the good work! You are very knowledgeable and passionate about subject and that makes it easier for class to stay engaged.

  • Beneficial To Contractors

    Love the program! Think this is very beneficial to contractors who will be working in a healthcare environment. Proven methods to keep the environment safe.

  • Emphasis on Practical Means

    Well taught with high emphasis on practical means and methods and the rationale behind them.

  • A Saturday Well Spent

    I was not that thrilled about the course as I did not know how it could apply to me. A Saturday well spent! This course not only applies to Healthcare Facilities but any job we may do. I thoroughly enjoyed the presentation and information! I am honored to have been a part of the class.

    C. Furar
  • Well Versed

    JJ is very well versed and knowledgeable in a multitude of real life experiences. Would recommend this class to new and experienced healthcare constructors.

  • Wealth of Knowledge

    JJ presents a wealth of knowledge that pertains to infection control and keeps the class actively engaged with classroom demonstrations and exercises.

  • Enlightening

    The CCHM class was very good and enlightened me to many new areas of knowledge. I look forward to watching CICTI grow and maintaining my certification.

  • Multiple Ideas and Suggestions

    Very good, informational session. The training provided multiple ideas and suggestions to take back to my current jobsite. (Even though I have been doing this awhile!)

    R. Ward
  • Gave Me New Ideas

    Many topics discussed today are applicable to the current hospital addition/renovation project that I am on. Definitely gave me some new ideas; things to consider to improve the process.


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Scheduled upon demand - Onsite training

Interested in becoming a Certified Healthcare Trainer (CCHT) or having your employees certified? To request CCHT training please please fill out this request course form.